Testing out the new MacBook Pro

I’ve got my hands on the new (non-touchbar) one and here’s my thoughts on it.

  • The keyboard is very different. The keys are more loud, rigid and flat. The worst are the arrows, which are half of a normal key, which is not great since I use them a lot for coding and I keep missing them.
  • The screen is brighter than the old one, big plus for that as the old one struggled in the sunlight.
  • The backlit keyboard is not that bright, I would guess it’s a compromise for more space, since I know that it’s not a big deal for the battery to light it up.
  • I foresee a big problem with the USB-C in the future, when I would need to use a regular old USB stick or an SD card and not be able to.

These are just quick remarks for using the thing for a couple of days. Other changes worth mentioning: bigger trackpad, no MagSafe for the charging cable, better speakers and it’s now a lot lighter and thinner.

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